Brighten your smile for summer with 4 easy homecare tips!

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Let your teeth shine this summer! Remove surface stains and keep your oral health in tip top shape with these simple 4 simple homecare tips.

Baking Soda

For removal of surface stains from teeth, we recommend brushing with baking soda and water occasionally as stains build up. The mild abrasivity of baking soda compared to whitening pastes on the market helps to gently remove these stains with minimal erosion to your teeth enamel. Certain whitening toothpastes are reportedly 27 times more abrasive than baking soda! Using toothpastes that are too abrasive too often will speed up enamel removal which can result in sensitivity, increased stain uptake and weakening of the tooth structure in the long-term.

Rinse with water after eating/drinking

After consuming staining foods such as coffee or red wine it’s always a good idea to rinse or swish with water directly after consuming. We do not recommend brushing within 30 minutes of consuming staining foods that are acidic. Tooth enamel is weakened when in the presence of acidic foods, and brushing immediately after erodes the enamel before the saliva has had the chance to neutralize the acidic environment and remineralize the surface enamel.

Sonic Technology Electric Toothbrush

The Sonicare toothbrush by Philips is in our opinion the greatest electric toothbrush on the market. Utilizing a high vibrational speed at 31,000 times per minute for the brush, the sonic action blasts away plaque, biofilm and surface stain the beyond physical contact of the bristles unlike any other toothbrush on the market. Sonicare products are available at Doctor Joe & Associates with no additional price markup.

Xylitol Gum

Gum containing xylitol is a sweet option to chew on after consuming staining or sugary foods. Xylitol is a natural sugar substitute that stimulates saliva production in the mouth. Increased saliva production can reduce your chances of cavities and helps to rinse staining food and drink from your teeth before the stain can form on the enamel. We offer X-Pur Xylitol gum products at Doctor Joe & Associates.

To whiten and brighten teeth beyond surface stains call us to book your free consultation.

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