Join the team at Doctor Joe & Associates

At Doctor Joe & Associates, the focus of our team for over 25 years has been to provide superior dental care and the best patient experience possible in Southern Ontario. Our clinical team achieves industry-leading dentistry and a great patient experience because of our relentless commitment to quality care, through our frequent continuing education initiatives and our team atmosphere.

We may not be hiring for any particular positions at the moment, however; we believe there is always room for the right person. If you can bring benefit and value to our patients and can continue to help us grow as a practice, why shouldn’t you join our team? At Doctor Joe & Associates we are in the business of creating and maintaining beautiful, healthy smiles. We encourage all exceptional individuals to apply if you would like to join the team. Don’t forget to tell us why you think you would be the right fit for the practice.

Why should you be a part of the team at Doctor Joe & Associates?


Leading Office

Doctor Joe & Associates has been in practice for over 25 years. Our commitment to having the best patient experience and superior dental care through continuing education is what keeps us in business. We are constantly innovating to serve our patients in the best manner possible. It is critical that all our team members share this vision.

Team Atmosphere

Most of our team members have been working at Doctor Joe & Associates for more than 10 years, and several for more than 20 years! Last year, we took our team to Chicago for continuing education and lots of fun too! We are always striving to be better as a team and grow together.

Career Benefits

There are no jobs at Doctor Joe & Associates, only careers. We are proud to foster a culture of success at our workplace and offer some of the most generous benefits in the industry. To give you an idea:

  • Minimum 3 weeks paid vacation
  • 4 day work week
  • Regular hours, no shift work
  • Complimentary dental care
  • Bonuses offered based on performance
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